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Embracing Eco-Innovation

Ibis Sydney on Darling Harbour is not just a hotel; it's a pioneer in the realm of sustainable hospitality. Burrowed in the heart of Sydney, our hotel is committed to an eco-friendly future, ensuring that every guest enjoys a stay that's both comfortable and conscientious.

Eliminating Single-Use Plastics
Our journey towards a sustainable future began with a significant step: the complete elimination of single-use plastic amenities. This includes items such as dental kits, combs, and soap bars. By removing these plastics, Ibis Sydney on Darling Harbour has taken a firm stance in reducing environmental impact, showcasing our dedication to sustainable practices in hotels.

Revolutionising the Minibar Experience
In our quest to minimise waste, we've transformed the traditional minibar concept. Understanding the environmental implications of unused items, we've removed all minibar contents from our rooms. Instead, guests are invited to experience our unique "Grab n Go" service at the reception on Level 1. This innovative approach not only cuts down on waste but also enhances the overall guest experience, reflecting our commitment to sustainable hotel business practices.

Eco-Friendly Amenities for a Greener Stay
Continuing our commitment to the environment, we've introduced eco-friendly amenities across all our rooms. Guests can now find refillable pump bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and shower gel, replacing the single-use bottles typically found in hotels. This initiative is a prime example of how hotels can be more sustainable, offering guests quality amenities while reducing plastic waste.

Sustainable Operations and Community Involvement
Our sustainability efforts extend beyond guest amenities. Ibis Sydney on Darling Harbour employs various green hotel practices for sustainable development, including energy-efficient solutions and effective waste management systems. We also engage with the local community, supporting and participating in sustainability initiatives, reinforcing the role of hotels in promoting eco-friendly practices.

Aligning Guest Satisfaction with Sustainability
At Ibis Sydney on Darling Harbour, we believe in harmonizing guest satisfaction with sustainable practices. Our eco-friendly initiatives have been warmly received by our guests, who value our efforts in preserving the environment. This positive response drives our continuous pursuit of sustainable innovation in the hospitality sector.

Ibis Sydney on Darling Harbour stands as a testament to sustainable innovation in the hospitality industry. Our commitment to eliminating single-use plastics, providing eco-friendly amenities, and engaging in sustainable operations marks a new era in eco-conscious hospitality. We invite you to be part of this sustainable journey, where each stay contributes to a greener, more sustainable future.